How to use Razor View Engine in ASP.NET Core MVC

The ASPX Perspective Engine is the legacy watch engine built into ASP.Internet MVC from its original times. The Razor Perspective Engine is more highly developed and is now the default watch engine of ASP.Internet Core MVC. This posting compares these two watch engines in transient and then discusses how you can perform with the Razor Perspective Engine in ASP.Internet Core MVC.

To perform with the code examples supplied in this posting, you should have Visible Studio 2019 installed in your process. If you don’t presently have a duplicate, you can download Visible Studio 2019 listed here.

Build an ASP.Internet Core MVC challenge in Visible Studio

1st off, let’s create an ASP.Internet Core challenge in Visible Studio 2019. Adhering to these methods will create a new ASP.Internet Core MVC five challenge in Visible Studio 2019.

  1. Launch the Visible Studio IDE.
  2. Click on “Create new challenge.”
  3. In the “Create new project” window,
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