10 Animals That Make ‘Milk’ and Aren’t Mammals

It is not just mammals that “got milk.” Even though we normally imagine of milk as the lactose-containing liquid that will come from mammary glands, experts are getting much more species that give their toddlers a increase by producing specific substances for them. And these kind-of milks are not just nutrient prosperous, some comprise things that assist toddlers battle infection or set up a gut microbiome, just like mammalian milk. It is proof that the animal entire world nonetheless has surprises left to learn.

(Credit history: Fercast/Shutterstock)


Equally female and male pigeons generate a healthy white liquid from a food items storage pouch in their throat, known as a crop. Their squabs try to eat very little but this “crop milk” for the initially 3 days just after hatching, then the adults get started introducing them to pigeon food items, while they go on to get crop milk until

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