Could you survive a cloud architecture walkthrough?

I’m always on my best behavior when I review someone else’s enterprise cloud solutions. It’s bad form to call their baby ugly, and there could be a good reason why the baby is ugly. I never jump to conclusions, and I leave my own bias at the door until I understand the complete picture. 

The importance and potential impact of the technologies selected, why they were chosen, and how they are configured loom large for the business. In my line of work, it’s not unusual to find a business that spends double what they should, with inefficiencies that hinder some of the core business features. I’ve even seen businesses go under because they stood by their poor technology decisions while their competition disrupted their market and ate their lunch.

And so the architecture walkthroughs (aka architecture audits) begin. To no one’s surprise, the CEO or CFO typically requests these walkthroughs

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