10 Black Friday deals that professionals won’t want to miss

There are some great deals happening on great hardware and software right now. If you’re a professional looking for a deal, or just window shopping, be sure to give these a look.

It’s that time of year again: The toughest time of year for gadget enthusiasts. Sure, everyone is getting the coolest new hardware and software, but that’s the problem for those of us who love tech: Do we spend our money on gifts or getting great deals for ourselves?

This guide features 10 items that are perfect for self-gifting, or giving to a loved one, a coworker or an entire organization. Hopefully you’ll find a deal here that fits what you’re looking for, but don’t wait: Many of these have already been available for a few days! 

Disclaimer: Sales run for a limited time; prices are subject to change, as are quantities.

Image: NewEgg

There really aren’t any

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