The best new prepaid plans in 2019

Check out the range of prepaid recharge plans from Airtel – you will never try another prepaid plan again!

Your mobile phone provides you with endless connectivity (provided you have a great network!) and hours of entertainment. And how do you repay it? With a mediocre prepaid plan, that’s how.

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It’s not your fault. You probably bought into the claims made by a mobile service provider, who promised a good network, a host of benefits and lots of data. Instead, you got saddled with patchy network, data that runs out all the time, and expensive recharge plans.

You know what you have to do: get another prepaid plan. It’s not worth your while to struggle with a substandard pack when there are some scintillating plans available from leading providers like Airtel.

Recharge using Airtel prepaid: The best range of prepaid plans in India

Most people who first buy a mobile phone take a prepaid connection. You must have done the same thing. But for some good reason, you continued to stick to prepaid even when many others switched to postpaid plans. You reasoned – and rightly so – that the prepaid connection offered you almost the same benefits of high daily data and good network speeds. The only difference between prepaid and postpaid is that you have to recharge the pack in the former.

But your current service provider’s prepaid recharge plans are a travesty. You get very little data, there are frequent call drops, and excruciatingly slow speeds. It is time to switch to another service provider so that you can enjoy the benefits of a really well-designed prepaid recharge plan.

We suggest looking up Airtel prepaid recharge. Look up the current plans (more information is provided below), select the plan you want to buy and initiate the recharge online. It’s that easy.

Sample the latest recharge plans from Airtel:

* Rs 199: It has a pack validity of 28 days. This recharge plan offers unlimited calls (local, STD and roaming incoming and outgoing), 100 SMSs per day and 1.4 GB daily 3G/4G data. If you are just starting out with a prepaid connection, then this is a great plan for you. Plus, get free access to Airtel TV premium and Zee 5 apps – now watch the latest TV shows and hit films on your phone!

* Rs 399. This prepaid recharge plan has a pack validity of 70 days, with unlimited calls (local, STD and roaming incoming and outgoing), 100 SMSs per day and 1.4 GB 3G/4G data every day. This plan is suitable for moderate phone users who enjoy fast upload and network speeds.

* Rs 448: This prepaid recharge is one of the most cost-effective plans, offering validity for 82 days, with 1.4 GB data per day, unlimited calls (local, STD and roaming incoming and outgoing), and 100 daily SMSs.

* Rs 509: Though this is the most expensive prepaid recharge plan, it is one of the lowest priced premium recharge plans in …

The best and quick mobile recharge mode: Online

We expound the virtues of using online payment modes for prepaid recharge and bill payments.

Using a mobile phone is one of the easiest things in today’s world. Once you master all the fundamental features and continue exploring many more as the days pass, it becomes second nature for you to reach out for your phone in case you want any information, or make a call, or just chat with friends in a group video.

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But are you using your smartphone for the most essential task – managing your finances? Your phone can function as an important gateway for online payments and daily banking. It can help you budget and spend as per your goals, and seamlessly transfer money as well.

Are you still stuck with paying cash for recharges and bill payments? Take charge of your bills with online payment – there are many good easy recharge apps and payment apps that you can use to do so.

Why recharge online?

Online recharge offers the easiest and most pragmatic route to prepaid phone and DTH recharge. It leverages the power and reach of the digital medium and links it with secure online payment systems to initiate the recharge process in real time. Thus, with just the flick of a smartphone screen or the press of a few computer buttons, your phone and DTH connections are recharged within minutes of the service provider processing your online payment.

Consider some of the benefits of easy recharge using online recharge apps:

* It is fast: You can do the recharge at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the city or the world. Just tap into the recharge app and complete the process as instructed in just a few easy steps. Do the easy recharge and move on!

* It is secure: Reputed payment and easy recharge apps like the myAirtel app or UPI apps like BHIM offer the highest levels of online security for all users. The myAirtel app and other leading recharge apps store your account and card details securely to prevent any attempts at online theft from hackers. The myAirtel app also offers multiple payment options like cards, net banking, Airtel Payments Bank (a mobile wallet cum savings account for Airtel users) and UPI apps like BHIM.

* It leaves a history for your reference. Another benefit of the online payment mode is that since the money is auto-debited from your account, it leaves a trail in your bank account as well as the smartphone app that you use. Good easy recharge apps like myAirtel archive past recharges and bill payments so that you have a point of reference in the future in case you need it. This record is not possible with cash payments.…

The Benefits Of Installing a Parking Kiosk

People are not aware of the fact that even public property is not completely public if there are people living nearby. Also, shop owners and businessmen are often not realizing that their parking place is being used by a total stranger who is not able to find a better spot for leaving their vehicles.

All this can be solved very easily if you know your rights and you know the proper ways. The solution is called CVPS Self Parking Kiosk. This is the best option for residential areas, stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. But why CVPS Self Parking solutions?

CVPS stands for Creating Visions for Parking Systems. It is a company that founded the parking kiosks back in the ’90s when only the municipal authorities used appliances for charging citizens on public parking. A lot of people thought that this is wasting time, but it has shown that this is the ultimate best way to protect your car place.

Being the first ones to create something like this, you can be sure that they are also the best ones. Today, their features and modern technologies allow the customers using them to enjoy everything a modern paying kiosk can offer.

Using them for residential buildings

A lot of people living in urban areas struggle with their own parking space. The traffic is staggering these days and the city core is always having trouble finding enough place for everyone. Buildings that are supposed to have reserved spots have a hard time managing to keep them free. Unless a person stands on the spot for the whole day, it’s nearly impossible to keep it open for their real owner.

When you combine the residents of a whole building you’ll see that we’re talking for 20+ people who are dealing with stress every day because of this.

The parking kiosk created by CVPS is a smart kiosk. Why? Because it is so well made that it can be controlled over the internet and be programmed to pass only cars that you’ll allow to be passed. You can see what’s going on at the kiosk at any time using the app, but what’s more importantly, you can manage who can use the parking space through the same app. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, work, or traveling somewhere. It is manageable through PC, tablet, and Smartphone.

How can you make a profit

People who own businesses know how important is to have their own free customer parking. No one likes to park 300 feet away from the store. However, stores inside the urban areas often have trouble with people using their slots for personal needs. The end result is – no place for the customers and cars of total strangers keeping the free slots for the whole working day.

The solution for this will give you the opportunity to give your customers a free spot and earn money from your private property at the same time. Installing one of these kiosks can keep your customers …

Everything You Should Know About AI Cameras System

You probably know that artificial intelligence or AI is something that is becoming trendy nowadays especially if you have in mind that everything will use it in the future.

Therefore, you should know that the artificial intelligence camera is not just a new phrase that the audience would like to hear.

It is an entirely different approach that you can find in both the most expensive gadgets and some affordable ones as well.

But when it comes to surveillance security camera system, AI is something that changed the way we perceive security. Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that tries to teach a computer to perform tasks, learn and think like a human.

Therefore, instead of coding software to perform a particular job, the idea is to power up gadgets and appliances with the AI, which means that the program will learn and adapt to specific patterns and behaviors.

Therefore, we have to say that AI cameras are primary cameras that use AI programs to handle videos and images.

The main idea between this particular type of cameras is computational photography, which will mimic everything that humans do such as voice to text, voice recognition, face and image recognition, machine learning and computer vision.

Face Recognition

In case you own iPhone X, you have probably heard about face unlock feature, which will allow you to recognize your look based on previous behavior. Understand that this particular program is using artificial intelligence.

However, when we set aside expensive mobile devices, affordable smartphones also come with exciting and face unlock features. This particular idea analyzes the face of the user and also it learns about changes in your face.

Therefore, if you shave your long beard or decide to go bold after years of long hair, the app will still recognize you because it understands your patterns. It will learn about changes on your face that won’t go unnoticed.

Have in mind that face recognition is becoming the best authentication method that will help you secure your premises and everything along the way.

When you combine it with depth-sensing sensors, you should have in mind that you will get the safety that will meet your expectations especially in high-end places as banking security.

The advancement in technology brought us to the point of secure developed runtime so that you can grow trust in specific technology and find it out at the user level.

It means that most people all across the globe, as well as the general population, is happily accepting smart tech in phones, and in other industry fields too including surveillance, home, and car applications.

We recommend you to check out this link: to learn more on AI video surveillance.

Surveillance Cameras for Gun Detection

You should have in mind that security has a lot to benefit from artificial intelligence especially if you have in mind that face recognition will notify you immediately in case that unknown person appears in your office or household.

On the …

Liposuccion – remodeler vos points faibles

Si on lui demandait quelle était la forme la plus populaire de chirurgie plastique aujourd’hui, la plupart des gens diraient probablement un travail de nez. Bien qu’ils soient vraiment proches, ils se tromperaient. On ne se souvient pas souvent que la forme de chirurgie plastique numéro un soit la chirurgie plastique. Mais cela tombe certainement dans cette catégorie. Comme il s’agit d’une procédure simple et que le temps de récupération est beaucoup plus court, il n’est pas étonnant que la liposuccion soit devenue la principale forme de chirurgie plastique aux États-Unis.

Presque tout le monde sait ce qu’est la liposuccion lipofilling des fesses, même s’il ne comprend pas comment cela fonctionne. Ce type de procédure fonctionne mieux sur des zones plus petites du corps, dans lesquelles la graisse est facilement retenue et extrêmement difficile à éliminer. Pensez-y, combien de crunchs d’estomac devez-vous faire pour avoir un ventre plat? Aussi, est-il facile de se débarrasser de cette zone lâche sous les bras? Et peut-être que quelqu’un peut expliquer quel exercice vous aide à vous débarrasser du double menton? Ce sont tous des domaines populaires pour cette procédure.

Lorsque vous subissez une liposuccion, votre médecin vous administrera un anesthésique local, puis fera une incision extrêmement petite. Il insérera ensuite un tube équipé d’un laser. Le laser fera fondre la graisse et le tube l’aspirera, aussi simple que cela. Il y aura des ecchymoses et peut-être un gonflement, mais dans l’ensemble, vous devriez être complètement guéri dans quelques semaines. Fait et fait, vous pouvez prendre un bain de soleil sur la plage avec un ventre plus plat et moins de menton en seulement quelques semaines.

Alors que la liposuccion ne vous débarrasse pas de la graisse, ne pensez pas que c’est la solution à tous vos problèmes de perte de poids. Les candidats idéaux pour ce type de procédure sont les premiers arrivés, relativement en bonne santé. Vous devez également suivre un régime alimentaire décent et faire de l’exercice. Vous ne voulez pas non plus avoir de grandes zones à la fois. Cette procédure s’applique à des zones plus petites car, à mesure que sa durée augmente, les risques augmentent également.

Lorsque vous envisagez une liposuccion, sachez que la zone peut grossir à nouveau. Ce n’est pas une solution miracle qui vous permettra de vous gaver et de ne jamais prendre du poids. C’est pourquoi vous devriez discuter longuement avec votre médecin des risques et des avantages avant de subir ce type de procédure.…

Understand the Importance of Smart Parking

It is vital to start by saying that the parking industry is evolving as other industries as well especially when it comes to technology. The main problem nowadays is that most major cities tend to struggle with inadequate parking availability and traffic congestion.

Of course, sensor technologies changed and improved the user experience during this particular process. At the same time, smart parking is something that makes a shift between traditional forms and the future.

Check out CVPS official website so that you can determine technological innovations that are affecting your ability to park.

In the future, we can expect more flexible systems than today such as wireless communications between vehicles, cameras, induction loops, data analytics, advanced algorithms, and smart parking meters.

Automation Is the Future

We all remember those sci-fi movies that explained to us that in the future we would sit and wait for the autopilot to bring us wherever we want. The future of parking will be affected by the developing of AVs, automated vehicles.

For instance, some cities in the world are beginning to trial specialized AV parking lots, self-parking vehicles and robotic valets. Technology has started to affect every part of our lives in the modern age we live in.

According to most experts, global automotive sales reached a record in the previous year, and the increase in sales is driven due to cognitive factors such as lower unemployment numbers, rising population and ability to find a vehicle that will be suited for your overall budget.

Even though the increase of cars will benefit the automotive industry, it is causing problems when it comes to parking zoning changes and inability to accommodate all vehicles.

Since there are more cars on the road, developers have to implement technological advancements to parking so that they can accommodate new standards in tight and crowded significant cities.

Today, you can find many automated parking garages that will provide you exceptional benefits when compared with traditional ones. The main advantages are the low price tag, higher space utilization, luxurious user experience, and low environmental impact.

Best way to learn more on automated parking systems is by clicking here.

1.Save Money and Space

When it comes to typical parking garages, you should have in mind that they are constructed to provide you the ability to have enough room to circulate in both directions, so that you can maneuver with ease.

On the other hand, automated garages do not require circulated space, which will provide developers the ability to use more space than before. Therefore, that will create better parking configuration.

At the same time, automated parking garages are perfect for projects that feature limited construction area since they require less building volume and less space than standard garages.

This particular benefit will allow parking companies to boost return on investment by using more space for practical purposes.

You should have in mind that automated garages will allow you the ability to save money on construction costs through reduced construction time, excavation …

Check Out Ecom Elites Review and Learn Everything About Dropshipping

If you wish to start an online business, you have probably heard about the term: “dropshipping” before. The idea is to understand what this particular term means and how to use it for your advantage.

You should visit Ecom Elites review so that you can embark on a course that will help you become an expert on e-commerce.

In this particular article, we are going to present a guide that will allow you to learn briefly about dropshipping so that you can use it to grow your annual income.

We have to start by saying that dropshipping involves a process of shipping goods directly to the customer by using third-party vendor or supplier. Therefore, it is an act of selling a product on your website, without handlings its shipping and fulfillment.

The Another great advantage of dropshipping, is that you do not have to pay for the product until your customer orders it and pays for it.

As you can see, it is an excellent option for people that wish to spend a minimal amount for initial inventory. Finally, you can sell without buying a product first.

The question is what are the benefits and advantages of dropshipping model, and the answer depends on what you wish to achieve with it.

Benefits of Dropshipping

  • Reduces Hassle Of Keeping Products In Storage and Inventory – The first benefits is the idea that you do not have to keep it on hand, which will allow you to reduce overall expenses and other costs of organizing and manufacturing products yourself, paying for warehouse for storage purposes and other charges that you would have with standard commerce business model. You are also freeing your resources only for items that require additional attention. You can offer numerous things that would be impossible to store and ship due to limitations. Therefore, wherever you are in the world, you will be able to reach your customers with ease. The best way to learn more on this particular business model is by checking here for more information.

  • You Are Not Handling Packaging And Shipping – This is another benefit that we have to mention because you do not have to spend money on shipping and packing, but only call the manufacturer, and they will deal with everything. Since packaging and shipping can cause logistical hassle and problems, most dropshipping owners are outsourcing their business to someone else. Since most websites that you will use for dropshipping are astronomical, and they handle plenty orders daily, they can lower down shipping rates to your business and your customers so that you can reach more of them. Finally, you can rest assured, because you will reduce losses that come from damaged goods since shipments will take direct routes from manufacturer to customer.
  • Avoid Logistical Problems – apart from reducing the need for storage and inventory, you will not be able to avoid problems such as shortages and overstock, nor are you entering the risks that could happen due to shifting trends.

Why Use Facebook Messenger: Advantages and Disadvantages?

Nowadays, everyone is having concerns about using Messenger. Even though it is an app that will allow you to enjoy instant messaging by using Facebook without the requirement of connecting to the social network, it has some limitations.

Similarly, like any other instant messaging app, you can easily communicate with people by using mobile devices and internet data. Some high-end marketers are also using it for marketing purposes, and you should check more about it here:

It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using this particular app and we will present you more about them:

Advantages of Using Facebook Messenger

  • Fast Chat – The first reason why you should consider this particular app is due to its ability to directly connect with Facebook chatting system so that you can receive and send messages much quicker than through a mobile browser, which alternative. Have in mind that the messaging system will appear immediately on your device.
  • It Is Completely Free – When you compare it with texting, you should remember that each SMS comes with a certain cost, which is based on the plan, you are having and other factors. At the same time, MMS messages, which include videos and images, could be much more expensive than regular messages. You should know that Messenger uses data, but you will be able to send messages without paying significant price tags on a monthly basis.
  • You Can Use It For Collaboration – Finally, you will be able to use the all-in-one messenger in which you can send links and files in a matter of seconds. You can use it wherever you are so that you can keep your employees in touch especially if they are working a project together.
  • You Can Make Calls – It will allow you to conduct phone calls by using internet data instead of regular minutes as with regular calling. You can rest assured because you will be able to speak with groups as well, which is a great consideration if you are abroad and impulses are much more expensive than at homes.

Disadvantages of Facebook Messenger

  • Challenging To Protect Your Privacy – It is vital to read the terms and conditions in which include the parts of calling phone numbers without your intervention and recording audio at any time. Some people state that it is a sensitive and high privacy breach, while others oppose this idea as pure fiction and conspiracy theory.
  • You Will Add Another Distraction To Your Life – Apart from the idea that Messenger can make you and your team more productive than before, it is also a distraction if you are not using it properly. The main reason for that is due to the numerous notifications that you will receive each time you receive a message. In case you are like others, you will combine Messenger with SMS messages so that you can get the added convenience.
  • It Drains Your Device’s Battery – Remember that Messenger App will always function

Get always ahead using Mobile SDK intelligence

While you are running a business, you always eager to know the hidden secret to drastically be ahead compared to the competitors. Those who know the underlying catalyst and trends are most successful. The technology world is not any different, you need to get up-to-date with the user trend and market data to surpass the competitor and be in the top. Currently the most important trend to catch is the growth of mobile centric world. It is estimated that the mobile user spends most of their mobile using times in apps. To ensure that users have excellent in-app experience is indispensable to your business success. The developers are increasingly consolidating SDK intelligence into apps, so that they can track the performance and profits.

Image result for Get always ahead using Mobile SDK intelligence

Let’s Look into the Term SDK

SDK is a collection of software and programming package embedded in the mobile apps. It can perform various different functions like providing analytical data, users interface and may more.

In the Mighty Signal SDK intelligence, there are many useful SDKs. The following part of the blog discusses the five most popular SDKs to enhance your mobile app market.

1. Attribution SDK

Target of any mobile app is to increase the number of conversion of visitors in customer and boost up the business revenue. Attribution SDK opens a new way to the developers to track the performance and effectiveness of their marketing efforts. In Mighty Signal SDK intelligence, they measure app installation and un-installation, the in-app purchases and also measures how many the repeat visitors are in numbers. Mighty Signal SDK intelligence gives you the access to monitor the performance of your marketing campaign and ensure the success.

2. Tracking the Stability

Beside other functions, quality control is equally important. You can use this type of SDK to focus on quality control, monitoring crashes. It enables you to get ready to mark and fix the issues and bugs. Consequently you earn enough control over the app to make better the quality and user experience.

3. Monetization

The role of monetization SDKs is to monetize your app by presenting ads to the users. It enhances your business revenue depending on how many times the users get interacted with the ads. Along with a positive user experience data the financial benefits of this SDK is huge. In addition to that, providing a suitable user interface is crucial maintaining the ads appearance and structure.

4. Analytics

Analytic SDKs help you to track the data to know the behaviors of visitors and how they interact with your app. The data collected through the analytical SDK can tell you which part of app the users spend more time with. On the basis of monthly of quarterly overall data, you can make changes and other adjustment to better the user experience and grow business.

5. Collecting Data Information

Data SDKs are completely different SDKs. It opens a new way to developers to earn revenue without serving ads to the visitors. It is undoubtedly suitable for the users …

Benefits of Writing Articles with Spinrewriter Paragraph Re-writer

We can easily say that internet is the perfect place where you can find information about anything you can think off. Most people are using it to gather and share information further, and you can find almost any opinion possible online.

At the same time, numerous individuals especially those with expertise in some specific field, enjoy providing professional opinions and sharing valuable content and facts that will prove useful to potential visitors and readers.

That is why, we can easily say that writing and posting articles on the internet is one of the most efficient ways to share what you know and to improve your online visibility in overall.

However, some people are using tools such as spinrewriter paragraph re-writer, which is another way of rewriting or spinning the already existing article with the idea to reach more audience than before.

We can consider numerous benefits of writing and posting articles online and the most important one is that you will always find some people that will appreciate your knowledge and experience.

This is the first reason why people are writing articles. The idea is to create content with valuable information that will reach the potential audience from all across the globe.

That is why you should consider the facts how to make your article more approachable, appealing so that you can make readers relate to your experiences and opinions.

The most important consideration is consistency, and chances are that one article will not help you reach the appreciation you wanted in the first place.

1. You Will Establish Your Online Presence

It does not matter if you are acting on behalf yourself as an individual, artist or company in overall, because you will be able to establish your online presence by presenting and sharing valuable and reliable information.

When you decide to share important and valuable information that way, you will be able to boost your online presence as well as brand awareness, which means that you can help the world to get to know you and to consider you trustworthy company.

It is also vital part of optimization when you wish to improve your internet visibility, because writing articles will provide you reference and increase number of shares.

That way, people will be able to find you much better organically by searching relevant keywords you implemented inside.

If you wish to learn more on how to write SEO content, you should click here for more information.

2. Search Engine Optimization

The idea is to create a relevant content and articles so that you can gather informative content and use it to become more visible for search engines than before.

The best thing about SEO is that their main goal is to help people reach more relevant and accurate information based on search criteria. They are implementing regulations and algorithms that will generate results that people are looking for, while penalizing other, unreliable sources.

If you are doing that with beneficial and natural intent, article writing is the …