I don’t like Microsoft’s Surface Duo as a phone, but would love it as a tablet

Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

For nearly a month, I’ve been using the Microsoft Surface Duo, the company’s first Android-driven cell phone. We’ve now coated the Duo in wonderful detail, including a non-reviewers overview, from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley and another review from ZDNet’s Matthew Miller. 

I’ve tried, several occasions, now to perform the Duo into my everyday workflow. I’ve made use of it as my key cell phone for a couple of times, I’ve made use of it as a secondary product for jotting notes with a Slender Surface Pen, and eventually, I’ve made use of it to keep track of Twitter or my inbox although watching Twitch or YouTube videos. 

With the Duo, Microsoft took a novel technique to reimagine the smartphone. Instead of a black rectangular product, like nearly each individual cell phone launched in the previous five decades, Microsoft took two displays, place a hinge between them, and coated

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