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Agricultural technology with the use of hydroponics is increasingly advanced. Hydroponic planting techniques have been widely adopted in urban areas. The main attraction of the hydroponic planting technique lies in its relatively low capital.

It does not really need a broad soil media to start farming through hydroponic techniques. In fact, the absence of land can still be gardening through the vertical hydroponic stacking method.

The advantages of hydroponic growing systems are so large, making the term urban farming quite popular. Hydroponic-style urban farming is now commonly found in big cities like New York, Boston, London, and Sydney.

What Are the Things Prepared to Start Gardening Using Hydroponic Techniques?

Not much capital is needed to start gardening with hydroponic techniques. Even almost minimal capital. Here are some things that need to be prepared before starting to open a hydroponic farm:

  • Preparing agricultural commodities to be worked on. Currently the hydroponic
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