27 million galaxy morphologies quantified and cataloged with the help of machine learning

Analysis from Penn’s Division of Physics and Astronomy has produced the most significant catalogue of galaxy morphology classification to date. Led by previous postdocs Jesús Vega-Ferrero and Helena Domínguez Sánchez, who worked with professor Mariangela Bernardi, this catalogue of 27 million galaxy morphologies supplies critical insights into the evolution of the universe. The research was revealed in Every month Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The researchers made use of information from the Dark Strength Survey (DES), an international research method whose purpose is to impression a single-eighth of the sky to far better fully grasp dark energy’s role in the accelerating expansion of the universe.

An impression of NGC 1365 gathered by the Darkish Strength Survey. Also regarded as the Fantastic Barred Spiral Galaxy, NGC 1365 is an instance of a spiral galaxy and is positioned about fifty six million light-weight-several years absent. Graphic credit rating: DECam, DES

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