California’s Snowpack Shrivels, Raising Fears of Future Wildfires

What a big difference a year would make.

As the comparison of satellite visuals higher than shows, past year at this time California’s Sierra Nevada variety was buried in snow. And even as not long ago as January of this year, snowpack was seeking quite superior.

But given that then, the jet stream has ferried storms north of California, triggering the snowpack to shrivel — from about 150 p.c of common past February down to just a little additional than 50 p.c now.

A year ago, California’s Sierra Nevada snowpack contained a great deal additional water than it does now, portending significantly less runoff into reservoirs and a heightened wildfire hazard. (Illustrations or photos: Countrywide Temperature Assistance)

The visuals higher than give one more way of visualizing what is occurring in the Sierra. They exhibit the water information of the snow, a component known as “snow-water equal,” during late February

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