Merlynn and the promise of human ‘digital twins’

Electronic twins are getting developed in factories and metropolitan areas, and we even have an Earth 2 energy that attempts to make a electronic twin of the earth.

But the most crucial of these will be human electronic twins, which numerous of us considered had been still many years away. Well, Merlynn, an AI-centric tech company, has currently begun marketing a human “digital twin” that may possibly initially make improvements to productiveness but could at some point lead to the elimination of human staff in lots of businesses.

I want to communicate about the initial positive aspects businesses could acquire from this technologies and the eventual troubles that will consequence if we do not believe via what’s coming and transfer aggressively to safeguard the viability of human personnel.

The promise of a electronic twin

Merlynn has developed a resource that will permit an employee to effortlessly produce and educate a

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