Fighting antibiotic resistance with the power of automated microscopy and AI

Mothers at risk for the duration of childbirth, scratches that get rid of, earaches that trigger deafness: this is what returning to a planet devoid of antibiotics would appear like. Could ever-growing antibiotic resistance make it transpire?

Prompted mainly by the misuse and overuse of antibiotics in humans and animals, antibiotic resistance is now 1 of the best threats to general public overall health globally.

Graphic credit history: CDC/Melissa Dankel

Microbiologist Yves Brun, a professor in UdeM’s Section of Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Immunology, is alarmed by the problem and has built locating alternatives a target of his research. As Canada a hundred and fifty Exploration Chair in Bacterial Cell Biology, Brun is conducting crucial research on the standard mechanisms underlying bacterial procedures.

Prof. Brun has just obtained main funding from Génome Québec’s Genomics Integration Plan to take a look at an modern new method that could be a sport-changer.

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