HashiCorp Consul 1.8 aims to smooth service mesh transition

Several HashiCorp Consul end users see the benefit of extending the tool they previously use for support discovery to contain support mesh, but adopting the complicated engineering will be difficult.

A support mesh supplies a central network administration aircraft that orchestrates sidecar containers attached to every application support. It gives granular safety, traffic administration and observability strengths about classic virtual networks. The support mesh tactic has risen in acceptance along with container-based microservices, as its good-grained network visibility is better geared up to tackle significant numbers of network connections amid diverse application programming languages and protocols.

HashiCorp Consul additional support mesh abilities with Consul Link, first produced in 2018. Even so, IT professionals are only just obtaining made use of to managing container orchestration resources this kind of as Kubernetes in generation, and integrating a support mesh amid that changeover only provides to the issue. 

“The battle of operations is

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