Towards Learning to Play Piano with Dexterous Hands and Touch

Piano actively playing is a advanced sensorimotor endeavor involving eyesight, audio, and touch. Most prior tries require a specific style or guide ordering. A new paper on indicates a reinforcement discovering algorithm so that an agent could find out straight from a device-readable music score to participate in the piano.

Graphic credit rating: PublicDomainPictures by way of, CC0 Public Area.

The strategy exploits tactile sensors for manage and utilizes the corresponding notes created as a reward. The piano-actively playing endeavor is formulated as a Markov determination system. A multi-finger allegro hand equipped with tactile sensors and a compact piano keyboard are produced to conduct the endeavor.

The experimental success display that the strategy can prepare a robot hand to participate in the piano with correct notes, velocity, and fingering. The research also displays the possibility of eyesight-based tactile sensors to increase piano actively playing, especially on the fingering

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