Can This Cheap, DIY Air Pollution Sensor Help the World Get Clean Air?

A several years ago, Alvaro Antonio Vanegas, a software package engineer and avid bike owner, obtained tired of the air pollution troubles in his hometown of Bogota, Columbia. He made a decision to join forces with an activist currently studying the issue, Daniel Bernal, who he’d read was creating his individual rudimentary air quality sensors and working with them to observe pollution at a regional stage. 

Functioning with each other, they tapped open supply software package and off-the-shelf components to build a new type of air quality observe. The gadgets empowered citizen experts to observe air quality with  cheap sensors tied to their Bluetooth-related cell phones and property WiFi alerts. 

They named their task CanAirIO, from the Spanish term for canary — the proverbial hen in the coal mine that tells you if the air is safe. 

And their product is currently encouraging democratize air pollution monitoring. It lets consumers

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