Microsoft launches Linux version of Windows Sysmon

The preferred Sysmon procedure checking utility for Windows now has a native version for Linux, prepared by Microsoft alone.

A portion of the Sysinternals tool, the Sysmon utility is typically pitched as an essential component in the protection toolbox of a Windows admin, for its means to keep an eye on and log procedure exercise to help admins establish malicious exercise. 

Reporting on the progress, BleepingComputer notes that 1 of the reasons for Sysmon’s popularity is its means to develop tailor made configuration files that administrators can use to keep an eye on for specific procedure situations.

Microsoft’s Mark Russinovich, who is also 1 of the co-founders of the Sysinternals utility suite, has declared that Microsoft has unveiled Sysmon for Linux on GitHub below the open supply MIT license.

Less than progress

Whilst it is good to see Microsoft porting 1 of its preferred tools to Linux, it should

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