‘Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ’ Review: An Inspiring, Slow-Cooking Journey

On the chapa, we cooked salmon dusted with Scott’s rib rub on an uncovered foil sling, set body fat dollops of honey butter on best of it, and viewed smoke get to about the best of the griddle to flavor the fish.

We also riffed on Scott’s grilled vegetable salad, grilling carrots, sweet potatoes, and a couple of other veggies which had been supplied a coating of rib rub.

Then we ate exceedingly effectively. The shock star of the day was Scott’s apple hand pies, the place a pre-baked filling of apple chunks, lemon juice, dark brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and salt is nestled into half-moons of dough and finished in the oven. It reminded me a bit of chef Eric Rivera’s apple pie, specifically the audaciously buttery-flaky dough.

This was a good backdoor into an fascinating facet of Scott’s e-book there is a large amount of it that is

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