Science Was Alive and Well in the Dark Ages

You can find no lack of myths about the Center Ages, like the oft-repeated — and very easily debunked — notion that everyone again then believed the Earth was flat. A different prevalent false impression is that scientific development mainly went dark for the duration of this era, snuffed out by the medieval church. But if you inquire University of Cambridge historian Seb Falk, the actuality is considerably brighter.

Falk, who researches the record of science in the later on Center Ages, has more a short while ago concentrated on how — and by whom — science was essentially carried out in medieval occasions. His hottest reserve, The Gentle Ages: The Surprising Story of Medieval Science, gives an insider’s search via the tumultuous existence of a single 14th-century monk and astronomer, John Westwyk.

Falk caught up with Discover to converse about myths about the so-referred to as Dim

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