Retired Astronauts Discuss the Future of Spaceflight Ahead of the SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch

Saturday’s planned SpaceX Crew Dragon launch will mark the beginning of a new chapter in human spaceflight. For the first time, a non-public aerospace business will start two NASA astronauts to the Worldwide Room Station (ISS). It’ll also be the first time Individuals will start from house turf given that the conclusion of the Room Shuttle Plan in 2011.

SpaceX’s revolutionary crewed mission will serve as a significant milestone in the burgeoning period of non-public spaceflight. But this interval will not be led by nations. Providers will pave the way. As non-public crewed launches come to be commonplace in the forthcoming a long time, much more and much more corporations from close to the environment will press the technological horizon to discover our nearby cosmic community and over and above.

Hearkening back to the Apollo period of the sixties and seventies, the future ten years is guaranteed to be packed

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