MTU Design Expo Unveils Student Innovations

An unparalleled event for unparalleled moments: just one of Michigan Tech’s most crucial
and innovative occasions is going virtual. You are invited to Design Expo 2020.

What do a good pet doorway, a lunar trencher and a portable significant-speed surgical drill
for underserved populations have in prevalent? They’re between the hundreds of everyday living-bettering
undergraduate scholar projects on screen at Michigan Technological University’s twentieth
annual — and to start with virtual — Design Expo 2020 on Thursday, April 16.

All Welcome To Expo

Michigan Tech’s Virtual Design Expo 2020 usually takes place in the course of the working day on Thursday,
April 16. Here’s how to sign up and be a element of functions:

  • Pay a visit to the Design Expo challenge gallery.
  • Take element in text-messaged voting in the course of the working day. 
  • Attend the quick ten a.m. kickoff. 
  • Tune in at four p.m. for the thirty-minute awards
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