QLC flash drives are hot ’21 trend, pressure HDDs on price

QLC flash drives that store four bits per cell are on track to become more cost-effective than age-outdated spinning disks and, increasingly, a common option for business storage arrays.

Which is just a sample of the predictions for 2021 and past that SearchStorage gathered from a panel of notable field CTOs and analysts in the storage, memory and reliable-point out travel (SSD) marketplaces.

Under are their additional in-depth — and in some cases differing — sights on NAND and SSD value tendencies, quad-stage cell (QLC) flash drives and systems, 3D XPoint and Optane memory, and NVMe more than Fabrics (NVMe-oF) predictions.

SSDs more cost-effective than HDDs?

Alex McMullan

Alex McMullan, intercontinental CTO, Pure Storage: Disk is heading to be additional costly than flash within the up coming 12 months. I’m not chatting about shopping for a hard travel at Very best Invest in. I’m chatting about what it charges to

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