Avita Pura laptop review: An ultra light laptop with all the features you need for gaming, movies, or work Review

The Avita Pura is a sleek looking lightweight laptop with a 14 inch screen that is suitable for a range of work and gaming environments.

Inside the box there is a power supply, Pura laptop and an HDMI-micro HDMI adapter. There is also a user guide which you will need to read if you want to learn about all of the features of the taskpad or the function keys.

The Pura’s external dimensions are 320mm x 220mm and it is thin too at 17mm thick. It weighs 1300g. Outside, its pared down design and slender curved form factor look good, and its ports are situated on either side of the device towards the simple hinge.

It comes in five colours; Crystal Blue, Glossy Purple, Metallic Black, Silber Grey and Sugar Red. It is lower spec than the Avita Admiror I looked at in December but this is reflected in its

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