Could Bobbie Really Hold 2 Spaceships Together in ‘The Expanse’?

Let us just check out this alternative true swift.

  • What about the models? On the still left, stress is in models of Newtons. On the correct facet of the equation, F-pull is in Newtons and the denominator is unitless (mass divided by mass). So that is superior.
  • What about restrictions? What if mass B is tremendous very small? As the mass of block B goes to zero, the denominator goes to a pretty huge variety which tends to make the stress just about zero. That tends to make feeling.

Heading back to the scene from The Expanse, it is essentially the exact same issue, with Bobbie alternatively of the string. Also, we can see a way that the forces pulling her aside can be more acceptable. If the acceleration is smaller and the mass of the Razorback is not too great, she must be ready to maintain on (which

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