Top R tips and news from RStudio Global 2021

Here are some of the finest guidelines, tips, and takeaways for R customers from this year’s rstudio::worldwide(2021) virtual conference:

Speed up your R code

The new xrprof bundle builds on code profiling (performance measuring) presented by foundation R’s Rprof()¬†with these added options:

  • It can run on a remote server, not just regionally, allowing you to see what’s occurring in your output environment
  • It can see bottlenecks in C/C++ code, not just R code — specifically handy for R bundle builders using C or C++.

And, it’s a fall-in replacement for the ecosystem of Rprof() incorporate-on applications, reported author¬†Aaron Jacobs, senior info scientist at Crescendo. This job was funded in portion by the R Consortium.

Customise your R info visualizations

The thematic bundle allows you customise plot defaults for ggplot2, lattice, and foundation R graphics. It functions inside RStudio, R Markdown files, and Shiny apps. thematic dataviz code could

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