Can Cloud Revolutionize Business and Software Architecture?

Closing days of CES 2021 looked at the impact cloud may have on businesses going forward and the importance of cloud architecture.

A pair of virtual discussions during CES 2021 looked at what senior business leaders should know about the current state of the cloud and what the future may hold. The sessions featured experts from IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, and other organizations that weighed whether cloud is changing how businesses function and what significance cloud architecture may have on software development.

A session on the evolution of software infrastructure and cloud architecture brought together Roger Premo, general manager of corporate strategy with IBM, with Pranay Ahlawat, associate director of enterprise software and cloud for Boston Consulting Group. They discussed whether traditional software architectures could scale in the future and the role architecture choice may play.

Image: CES 2021 behind the scenes – Consumer Technology Association

Ahlawat reiterated the phrase “software

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