What the Coronavirus Does to the Body

As the novel coronavirus infection known as COVID-19 proceeds to unfold across the earth — the quantity of confirmed circumstances in the U.S. crossed 15,000 on Friday — governments have built remarkable attempts to limit the pandemic’s over-all achieve.  

However there is also significantly uncertainty, and a reasonable quantity of unscientific speculation, about the virus and its effects on people’s bodies. And some of COVID-19’s described signs or symptoms, like fever, cough and shortness of breath, overlap with those of everyday illnesses like strep throat, flu and the typical cold.

Carl Fichtenbaum, an infectious illness expert and professor of medical drugs at the College of Cincinnati College or university of Drugs, suggests there is even now significantly that researchers really do not fully grasp about how accurately this virus brings about difficulties. “It’s pretty new, and we’re even now hoping to unravel it a little bit,” he suggests.

Here’s what

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