MTU Profs Shift Teaching and Labs to Remote Instruction

If necessity is the mom of invention, then rapidly shifting to distant instruction
to slow the distribute of COVID-19 is the mom of all classroom flips.

Flipped school rooms, on the net courses, livestreamed lectures, engineering for choose-residence
checks. A 7 days ago, these ended up innovative techniques to push, mix and reframe the blurring
boundaries of university school rooms that have moved into electronic and actual-earth spaces.
And now they are — almost immediately — the new norm in order to enable slow the distribute
of COVID-19.

Commencing right away after spring split, all instruction at Michigan Technological
College went remote, as it did at all fifteen general public universities in Michigan and hundreds
a lot more in the nation. The large question is — how?

Michigan Tech’s faculty and personnel are conference the problem. A third of Michigan Tech
faculty are already accredited to teach on the net

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