Turn Failure Detection into a Team Sport

Here’s how Chaos GameDays and its spinoffs can help enterprises to fortify their infrastructure resilience and detect failures right before they come about.

Impression: Olivier LeMoal – stockadobe.com

Preventing IT infrastructure failure is critical business. So is Chaos GameDays, the to some degree whimsical title supplied to the series of “chaos engineering” workout routines designed to detect failures right before they come about.

Depend me as one of Chaos GameDays’ several proponents. From an operational and business viewpoint, proactive failure detection is considerably a lot more practical than reactive failure reaction.

Performed periodically underneath described guidelines, Chaos GameDays is designed to simulate a vast assortment of situations, together with tries to hack into and crack methods elements. This is carried out not just to predict program failure but also to build bigger program resilience to protect against failure from ever transpiring.

Feel of it like a flu vaccine

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