Why IBM Choosing Arvind Krishna Over Jim Whitehurst Was Wise

It was extensively predicted that Red Hat’s Jim Whitehurst would be Ginni Rometty’s successor. As an alternative, the job is heading to Arvind Krishna — and that’s almost certainly a good factor. – ITPro Nowadays

It’s official: Jim Whitehurst isn’t heading to be CEO of IBM anytime before long.

Past week’s announcement of a altering of the guard at IBM was a shock, but not for the reason that Ginni Rometty will be stepping down as the firm’s CEO and president. The shock was generally with the man or woman the board voted to substitute her – Arvind Krishna, IBM’s senior VP for cloud and cognitive program, as properly as the man or woman IBM credits as the principal architect of its cloud strategy and its $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat. Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat’s CEO who’s now also a SVP for IBM, will be having over as

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