Fake news, ignorance, and technology wars

The Soviet Union funded the Morning Star newspaper for its own propaganda needs in the pre-world-wide-web age

It seems that the biggest existential menace to our societies currently is the increase of ignorance amplified by slipping instruction criteria, compounded by bogus news, deep bogus videos, and the growing acceptance of lies above fact.

Until eventually not long ago warfare has been sporadic and confined to land, sea, and in the air. But it has now expanded into the cyber and info spaces, with basic and focused malware attacks along with the adjustment of people’s perceptions and their skill to make practical selections.

There has been no measurable increase in mind most cancers rates considering that the nineteen nineties and useless insects/birds are not clustered all around the base of cellular telephone antennas

In these domains, warfare is world, continuous, and all pervasive, posing a serious and current hazard capable of

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