How Oracle v. Google could upend software development

Oracle v. Google has been winding its way by courts for a 10 years. You’ve probably now listened to that the substantial-profile lawful scenario could remodel software program engineering as we know it — but due to the fact nothing ever looks to happen, it is forgivable if you’ve created a behavior of tuning out the information.

It could be time to tune again in. The newest iteration of the scenario will be listened to by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 2020-2021 period, which began this week (soon after staying pushed again thanks to coronavirus concerns). The conclusion of the maximum court in the land can not be overturned and is unlikely to be reversed, so contrary to previous choices at the district and circuit court degree, it would stick for fantastic. And whilst the scenario is staying listened to in the U.S., the conclusion would affect the complete

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