Does the House Antitrust Report Mean That Tech Is Evil?

Oh, to say, “I’ve never ever felt much better!” and mean it. Probably in November.

The Simple View

Like any superior nonfiction writer, the Vast majority Staff (i.e., Democrats) of the Property Subcommittee on Antitrust, Industrial, and Administrative Legislation has developed a prolonged-browse document distinguished by deep analysis and an unyielding thesis: Large Tech is too huge, too negative, and fights dirty.

Sixteen months back, the subcommittee set out to expose negative conduct in Silicon Valley’s best organizations. Empowered with subpoenas, it experienced minor difficulties getting it. The docket of whistle-blowing witnesses and damning displays uncovered a litany of bullying, self-intrigued, anti-competitive conduct that justified the training, which some thought redundant for the reason that of ongoing investigations by the FTC, the DOJ, and point out lawyers typical. The tech overlords have crafted monopolies and weaponized them. They operate platforms that favor their own solutions, and they use the facts

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