How Our Ancient Brains Are Coping in the Age of Digital Distraction

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At our quite basis, states cognitive neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley, “humans are data-seeking creatures.” 

And that may possibly be the problem.

When the web and intelligent equipment give us unprecedented obtain to the data we covet, we seem to be clueless about coping with the deluge these systems have unleashed.

In accordance to a latest study by the Nielsen current market-investigate team, the normal American spends practically four several hours a working day on desktops and cellular equipment — and practically a quarter of that time on social media. When the upsides of all this pixel-gazing are plentiful, the downsides can be frightening. In the general public arena, on-line filters make bubbles that boost our preconceptions and amplify our anger. Brandishing tweets like pitchforks, we’re swept into digital mobs some of us shift on

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