Researchers Investigate Pumped Storage in Retired Underground Mines

A few professors from Michigan Technological College and Texas A&M College are
investigating a process to keep power generated by substitute energy resources by generating
use of unused and abandoned underground mining web-sites in Michigan’s Higher Peninsula. 

If tested thriving, the undertaking could deliver a blueprint for supplying continuous
energy from intermittent and zero-emission resources.

To meet the increasing demand for electricity across the globe, two rather new
resources of electrical power have dominated development activity in many places — wind turbines
and photo voltaic arrays. The benefit of these era resources is that, when mounted,
they have no fuel charges or emissions and add minimally to global warming tendencies.

1 main impediment to wind and photo voltaic electrical power is that they are intermittent that
is, they only generate electricity part of the time (approximately 25% to 33%), as there
are intervals when the wind does not blow and

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