Here’s How We Could Brighten Clouds to Cool the Earth

As we confront the tremendous obstacle of local weather improve, we must consider inspiration from even the most not likely sources. Get, for instance, the tens of 1000’s of fossil-fueled ships that chug across the ocean, spewing plumes of pollutants that add to acid rain, ozone depletion, respiratory illnesses, and international warming.

The particles developed by these ship emissions can also generate brighter clouds, which in convert can deliver a cooling impact by way of procedures that come about in a natural way in our environment. What if we could achieve this cooling impact with out at the same time releasing the greenhouse gases and toxic pollutants that ships emit? That is the issue the
Maritime Cloud Brightening (MCB) Project intends to answer.

Researchers have acknowledged for many years that the particulate emissions from ships can have a dramatic impact on low-lying stratocumulus clouds previously mentioned the ocean. In satellite

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