Visual Studio Code tweaks problem navigation, screencast mode

Visual Studio Code 1.63, a new release of Microsoft’s code editor published December, provides new capabilities in spots this sort of as navigation, command display screen, and extensions. Downloadable from the Visual Studio Code website, Visual Studio Code 1.63 also is acknowledged as the November 2021 release.

Between the new capabilities, developers now can determine the type purchase for Go to Up coming Trouble and Go to Former Trouble navigation. Formerly, the purchase of navigation was dependent on severity, displaying glitches 1st, then warnings, then the relaxation. A new Difficulties: Kind Get location now lets buyers navigate issues both by severity or position. When utilizing "issues.sortOrder": "position", a warning on line five will be demonstrated in advance of an error on line 13, for case in point.

A further new characteristic lets developers pick to present command names as they bring about them through keyboard shortcuts in screencast manner.

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