Graphene Jolts Sodium-Ion Battery Capacity

Following a long time of anticipation, sodium-ion batteries are commencing to produce on their guarantee for electricity storage. But so considerably, their commercialization is confined to big-scale utilizes this kind of as storing electricity on the grid. Sodium-ion batteries just never have the oomph required for EVs and laptops. At about 285 Wh/kg, lithium-ion batteries have two times the electricity density of sodium, earning them extra appropriate for people transportable apps.

Scientists now report a new form of graphene electrode that could increase the storage ability of sodium batteries to rival lithium’s. The material can pack almost as many sodium ions by volume as a traditional graphite electrode does lithium. It opens up a path to earning minimal-price, compact sodium batteries realistic.

Plentiful and low-priced, and with similar chemical homes as lithium, sodium is a promising substitute for lithium in upcoming-era batteries. The stability and basic safety of sodium batteries … Read More