New 25th anniversary Alienware Aurora PC will turn heads while offering better performance

Alienware’s Aurora desktop gaming Pc has been redesigned to celebrate the gaming brand’s 25th anniversary.

Certainly, Alienware actually has been about considering that the days when Quake was launched (1996), and to celebrate, the Aurora – the firm’s gaming Pc which was initial launched a little much more a short while ago, in 2004 – has been graced with an (optional) clear panel on one particular aspect that lets you see by means of and admire the innards of the mid-tower case.

Accompanying this window to the internals is much more customizable lighting, as the Pc now has eight lighting zones (2 times as numerous), to make the view inside prettier now that you can basically see in there.

The shape of the case has been adjusted rather, so it’s now curvier, and angled upwards – plus it has that optional see-by means of panel – but it continue to

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