Using OPA to safeguard Kubernetes

As much more and much more businesses go containerized apps into output, Kubernetes has become the de facto method for handling people apps in non-public, community and hybrid cloud options. In actuality, at the very least eighty four% of businesses by now use containers in output, and seventy eight% leverage Kubernetes to deploy them, according to the Cloud Indigenous Computing Foundation.

Section of the electricity and attract of Kubernetes is that, as opposed to most contemporary APIs, the Kubernetes API is intent-centered, indicating that individuals utilizing it only need to have to imagine about what they want Kubernetes to do — specifying the “desired state” of the Kubernetes item — not how they want Kubernetes to achieve that objective. The outcome is an unbelievably extensible, resilient, highly effective, and that’s why popular process. The extensive and small of it: Kubernetes speeds app delivery.

Having said that, modifications in a cloud-native

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