How to package Python apps with BeeWare Briefcase

Python falls short in a couple of areas. For instance, Python isn’t the quickest language all around, but 3rd-social gathering libraries like NumPy let you operate all around that. Exactly where Python is most deficient, nevertheless, is packaging. That is, Python lacks a regular inner mechanism for creating a standalone binary from an software. Go and Rust do this. Why just cannot Python?

It largely arrives down to Python not having a lifestyle of these use situations until finally reasonably not too long ago in its history. And so, only reasonably not too long ago did 3rd-social gathering modules start off showing up that enable Python applications to be packaged as standalone binaries. PyInstaller — which I covered beforehand — is one these app. In this short article we’ll seem at an even a lot more exquisite and strong utility for Python app packaging, BeeWare’s Briefcase.

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