Will Facial Recognition Thrive in the Post-Pandemic Economy?

Facial recognition is at the coronary heart of the new normal of our life, and a lot of utilizes do not violate privacy or civil rights. But the political and regulatory controversies will go on to burn off warm for a lot of years.

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Facial recognition has develop into one particular of the most polarizing purposes of artificial intelligence. Demonized for its use in government surveillance and biased algorithmic determination earning, facial recognition has develop into a lightning rod for popular unrest in a lot of international locations.

Fueled by deepening distrust of AI, rules are predicted to tighten their grip on facial recognition around the future quite a few years. In truth, regulating facial recognition has develop into one particular of the most salient concerns in this year’s US presidential election campaign.

Defend or defund?

Biases in facial recognition purposes are especially worrisome if used

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