Moto G Power review: Motorola delivers on its battery life promise and then some

The Moto G Power ($230 at Best Buy) is one of the newer members of the Motorola G budget phone family. It follows in the same steps as last year’s Moto G7 Power with both a wallet-friendly price and a gigantic battery. At its core, the $250 Moto G Power is similar to the more expensive Moto G Stylus ($300 at Amazon). (It’s sold as the Moto G8 Power in the UK for ¬£220. It’s not available in Australia.) Both came at a time when sheltering in place meant many of us depended on our phones to stay connected with friends, family or work. Many of us still are. At the same time, millions of people are in financial distress and can’t afford a new phone or to replace a broken one, especially when new phones can cost upward of a thousand dollars.


  • Long battery life so far
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