RHA TrueConnect 2 wireless earbuds review: Nine hour battery life beats all other competitors Review

Graphic: RHA Audio

Over the yrs it appears to be I have come to be quite a collector of wireless earbuds, due to my love of audio whilst I operate and the simple fact that smartphone manufacturers taken out the typical 3.5mm audio port out of most modern telephones. A couple of yrs ago I analyzed out the RHA TrueConnect wireless earbuds and uncovered them to be nearly perfect for my desires, but I wasn’t a supporter of the actual physical button manage method.

RHA produced its most recent actually wireless earbud, the TrueConnect two with nearly double the battery life, improved audio, shift from actual physical buttons to contact controls, elevated resistance to the things, and its sector-top 3-calendar year assurance. These new earbuds are also priced to compete at $149.95.

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