Yes, The Bubonic Plague Is Still Around. But There’s No Need to Freak Out

So, a squirrel in Colorado analyzed good for the bubonic plague. No, it is not time to get to for a plague-health practitioner beak mask. Place down the bloodletting leeches. End gathering sage, sorrel and dandelion for a salve. Not just for the reason that these generations-outdated solutions probably will not likely assist, but also for the reason that the plague is not one thing twenty first-century Us residents have much to panic from. It’s been around for a even though.

The new squirrel situation, which swiftly built the rounds on nationwide information retailers, was the 1st incident of the plague in Jefferson County, Colorado — but only due to the fact 2017, the county’s press launch notes. Animal and human scenarios of bubonic plague are not all
that uncommon in the United States, and the U.S. is only just one of a handful of countries wherever plague continue to

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