Grading on a Curve? Why AI Systems Test Brilliantly but Stumble in Real Life

A Stanford linguist argues that deep-learning devices want to be measured on whether they can be self-conscious.

The headline in early 2018 was a shocker: “Robots are far better at studying than people.” Two artificial intelligence devices, a person from Microsoft and the other from Alibaba, had scored slightly increased than people on Stanford’s widely utilized take a look at of studying comprehension.

The take a look at scores have been genuine, but the summary was improper. As Robin Jia and Percy Liang of Stanford showed a several months later, the “robots” have been only far better than people at having that particular take a look at. Why? Because they had educated themselves on readings that have been similar to those on the take a look at.

A take a look at form. Image credit history: pxfuel, free licence.

When the scientists extra an extraneous but baffling sentence to

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