AtScale 2020.2 adds new self-service, cloud capabilities

Enhanced self-assistance capabilities and the potential to run natively in multiple cloud environments emphasize the release of AtScale 2020.two.

AtScale, established in 2013 and primarily based in San Mateo, Calif., specializes in facts engineering by serving as a conduit amongst saved facts and business intelligence tools, and till not long ago focused on how to get large facts to function for analytics. The release of its 2020.1 update in January, having said that, marked a important strategic change with self-assistance analytics and facts virtualization as central tenets.

AtScale 2020.two, which was unveiled on April 29 and is now frequently offered, builds on what begun with 2020.1 and adds cloud migration as one of the vendor’s new focal details. Along those people lines, AtScale exposed that it is now offered in the AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud marketplaces.

“Around the previous few yrs I’ve watched AtScale change itself into a

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