Tesla Cybertruck Gigabeer is coming because Musk is never out of weird ideas


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The record of weird points with Elon Musk connected to them proceeds to increase, and this time, it’s a beer. Specially, it’s the Gigabeer, or Gigabier in German. What is that? We definitely will not know, but it’s an adult beverage within a container that vaguely recollects the Tesla Cybertruck. Genuinely, it’s a small piece of celebration as Tesla prepares to (ideally) start off creation at its new Gigafactory in Berlin up coming thirty day period.

Musk announced the beer at a specific party at the plant this previous weekend and didn’t say a lot else beyond the point Tesla will make it. It will probably be akin to the Tesla Tequila, in the feeling of being some kind of confined-operate beverage that collectors will scoop up and try to protect. Tesla Tequila bottles, with or with no the liquor within, can market for $one,000 these days. The bottle retailed for $250 when new.

Maybe the Gigabeer will get there by the conclude of this year to coincide with the probable creation begin at the new manufacturing unit. When the new Gigafactory does occur on-line, it’s going to be liable for assembling the Product Y to begin, but it may well also perform a section in an even more affordable Tesla auto to occur. Musk formerly sounded open to a European-centric design like a Product three hatchback.

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