Samsung Q60A series (2021) review: QLED TV brings out HDR brightness, color

The Samsung Q60A is its entry-level QLED product, aka an Lcd Tv with quantum dots. All those magical dots let the Q60A accomplish much better than quite a few conventional LCDs that charge much less, with far bigger brightness and deeper, richer hues with HDR articles. Its skinny style and design also separates it from its bulkier brethren. 

Don’t Like

  • Pricey for what you get
  • Weak speakers

Though the additional shade and brightness is great, you certainly pay for it as opposed to entry-level versions from other models. The Q60A is roughly two times as costly as the similar size TCL 4-Series and Vizio V-Series I as opposed it to, but in general image high quality just isn’t two times as excellent. Though brighter than those people TVs, it still isn’t going to have the brightness nor dynamic selection to really choose benefit of HDR articles. Its speakers are worse as effectively, so if you treatment about good audio it demands investing in a soundbar.

In the meantime the Q60A expenditures about the same as the TCL 6-collection, CNET’s most loved Tv for the income. I did not compare the Q60A straight to the 6-Series for this review, but centered on my observations of the Q60A and CNET’s review of the 6-Series, the TCL has a much better picture.

The Q60A is a excellent preference if you want a Samsung and appreciate its style and design and aspect updates (like a photo voltaic-driven remote) over more affordable versions. It certainly presents much better efficiency than a standard “finances” Tv, but it is really a worse worth than non-Samsung models.

Samsung’s Q60A collection comes in a significant array of dimensions, from forty three inches all the way up to 85 inches. I reviewed the 55-inch product.

Solar remote alert!

We want to speak about the new Samsung remote. It is really fantastic in general and has one great aspect: It is really photo voltaic driven. On the again is a tiny array of photo voltaic panels. All those, merged with some economical electronics, necessarily mean that it is really always heading to have plenty of energy. No much more shifting batteries, which in a little way is excellent for the atmosphere, too.


Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

My theater place has future to no organic mild, and rarely has the lights on, and just after a number of weeks the remote still has lots of demand. I’m not absolutely sure all remotes will go this photo voltaic route in the foreseeable future, but it’d be cool if they did. Alternately, you can demand the remote by means of USB-C on the bottom.

Turn it over and you will obtain a sparse selection of tastefully developed keys and a mic for voice look for. This allows you communicate a show or film identify and then reveals you the place you can stream or obtain it. This display screen even has a Metacritic rating to further more impress (or shame) you about your selection. Oddly, it highlights Apple Tv As well as as the major company to do this from, but an more click delivers up the other possibilities. It is really not rather as user-welcoming as Vizio’s model, or Roku’s if you have one of their items with a voice remote. It does get the job carried out even though.


Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

You can also use Samsung’s SmartThings application to management the Tv, together with other sensible products in your residence.

Characteristics and connections

Aside from quantum dots and that remote, Q60A is reasonably standard for an entry-level(ish) Tv. It lacks stuff like a 120Hz refresh charge, next-gen gaming perks and local dimming found on action-up Samsungs like the QN90A.

It does share that TV’s sensible features, nonetheless. As far as applications go, you get all the conventional possibilities like Netflix, Vudu, HBO Max and so on. The Q60A’s interface just isn’t nearly as in-your-facial area about streaming as, say, the Vizio and to a lesser extent, the Roku-enabled TCL. The applications are grouped in a little row at the bottom of the display screen, much more like sensible TVs of yore. You will find also Samsung Tv As well as, which is in essence like absolutely free simple cable, even though you cannot quick-forward as a result of the advertisements.


Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

Connections are reasonably conventional. There are a few HDMI inputs, one of which has eARC, and there are two USB ports, one of which must present plenty of energy for a streaming stick, if you make a decision to eschew the TV’s individual applications. Wired LAN gets you connected if your Wi-Fi just isn’t up to snuff. There are no analog inputs, so if you’ve got bought a Wii or, I don’t know, a LaserDisc participant or one thing, you will want an inexpensive HDMI converter.

  • HDMI inputs: three (one eARC)
  • Analog inputs: None
  • USB port: 2 (one.0A and .5A energy)
  • Web: Wi-Fi, LAN
  • Antenna enter
  • Optical electronic audio output
  • Analog audio output: No
  • Speakers: 2 downward-struggling with, 20W complete

An Electrical power Star rating of $14 for every 12 months for the 55-inch is on the much more economical conclude of similar TVs, and the other dimensions in the line are equally economical. 

Picture high quality comparisons

The Samsung Q60A is far much more costly than both of the TVs I as opposed it to, particularly the Vizio V-Series and the TCL 4-Series. On the other hand, as Samsung’s most entry-level QLED product, it presents a excellent indicator of what image high quality improvements you get from quantum dots. I connected all a few by means of a Monoprice 1×4 distribution amplifier, and seen all of them facet-by-facet-by-facet.

Correct out of the gate my eye was drawn to the Samsung. It is vivid. Perfectly, at least as opposed to the other two TVs, which are presently really vivid. When heading all-out with HDR articles, it is really about two times as vivid as the Vizio. If you have a really vivid place, or like to observe Tv in the middle of the working day in a place with quite a few home windows, the Samsung will be less difficult to see than more affordable TVs. 

Aside from brightness, shade with HDR resources was the other really visible change concerning the a few TVs. The quantum dots let the Q60A make far deeper, richer hues than the Vizio and TCL, which use conventional shade filters on their Lcd factors. So you get far much more vivid purples, bluer blues, much more crimson-y reds than the other people could hope to make. 


Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

The contrast ratio, and as a result the dynamic selection, just isn’t substantially diverse, nonetheless. So in general the image isn’t going to choose benefit of HDR articles like some other TVs would, in unique those people outfitted with neighborhood dimming. That said, thanks to brightness and shade it will take much more benefit of HDR than the other two TVs, so that’s a action in the appropriate way. 

Subjectively talking, I’d say the extra hues and brightness make the Samsung search roughly 50% much better with HDR than the TCL and Vizio, which just isn’t bad but certainly much less than the a hundred% much more it ordinarily expenditures. Yet again, that if you are looking at HDR articles. Any non-HDR articles, which is most Tv reveals and older motion pictures, the change is even nearer.

No Tv appears excellent. All have tiny speakers. On the other hand, the Samsung is especially bad in this regard. Even at most volume it is really not significantly loud and has lots of distortion when you are cranking it up. In my theater the volume was regularly higher than ninety (out of a hundred) and even maxed, it was hard to listen to with the air conditioner on. This is not an challenge the Vizio nor the TCL had. This is the price tag compensated for this kind of a slim style and design. So inspite of its charge, if you are looking at this Tv you must finances in a soundbar to go with it. In fairness, that’s always accurate — just, er, much more accurate right here.


Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

Significant conclude of the minimal conclude

The Q60A is an fascinating Tv. It is really Samsung’s minimal-conclude QLED, but it is really far much more costly than other entry-level TVs. It is really like if Porsche tried to make a vehicle to contend with finances sedans like the Hyundai Accent or Nissan Versa… but it charge $50,000. So indeed, the Q60A does accomplish much better than other minimal-conclude TVs, but it also expenditures considerably much more. And it just is not, for illustration, two times as excellent as the TCL 4-Series. 

That said, it is much better. It is really also far much more attractive, with its svelte style and design. So if you are in a position to devote a little bit much more on a Tv and want brighter, much better HDR efficiency in addition to sleeker style and design, the Q60A is a great option. Just make absolutely sure you finances for a soundbar, too.