Dell U2722DE review: A combined monitor, KVM and USB hub is bliss

In the entire world of working from home, you are most likely to have two machines that you perform from: The company provided formal device that you should be utilizing for operate and your property machine that you use following hours, or alternatively, do as significantly work as probable on.

For the earlier 18 months, my do the job units have both lived in a bag right until necessary, or together with some former workplace remnants on a table with a now redundant observe, USB hub, keyboard, and mouse for all those periods when I absolutely desired to use the work laptop. Switching amongst equipment meant bodily switching desks, some thing that I was fortunate more than enough to be capable to could squeeze into one particular area.

But this arrangement was rapidly outdated when the Dell U2722DE appeared in my existence — and you will find no going back.


  • Dell U-collection panel provides for get the job done reasons
  • USB hub and DisplayPort daisy chaining is a cable administration gamechanger
  • Switching the display screen and inputs involving desktop and notebook is terrific

You should not Like

  • Highly-priced and hard to discover
  • Photograph-in-picture is just not a top advertising position

The 1st factor this monitor does is grow to be the centre of your set up, many thanks to its USB hub performance and sheer sum of ports. It has 1 upstream USB-C port for info and 90 watts of energy, a different upstream knowledge-only USB-C port, 1 downstream USB-C port that provides 15 watts of electric power, four USB 3.2 Gen2 ports rated at 10Gbps, an RJ45 networking port, just one DisplayPort as input from a computer and yet another DisplayPort for daisy chaining, a single HDMI port for that previous-university experience, and a headphone jack.

The thought with this monitor is somewhat than plugging into a desktop or laptop, you join the peripheral to the check and then have a one twine go back again to a laptop or notebook above USB-C if you can, or in my desktop’s scenario, one particular DisplayPort cable and a solitary USB cable. If you have applied a USB hub, this is the correct exact circumstance, while it is continue to mindbending to realise the Ethernet connectivity is handed from the keep track of to the desktop, which also means when a device is chosen as the enter, the wired connectivity drops.

Applying the U2722DE will not magically convert your present cable mess into some kind of Marie Kondo-inspired delight, immediately after all, the cables nonetheless have to plug in someplace, but relatively than owning a mess guiding the desk working to the desktop, and sometimes obtaining monitors and extras in non-exceptional positions because of to cable lengths, it truly is a lot easier to sort and a great deal additional obtainable with the U2722DE participating in intermediary.

At the very least 1 cable that no for a longer period operates all the way again to the desktop is the DisplayPort cable that connects to one of my monitors, as it is daisy chained off the U2722DE.

For the earlier couple of months I have had a laptop sitting down below a trio of screens: An more mature Dell U-collection related to a desktop, the U2722DE in the centre, and a different U-collection daisychained off the U2722DE.

In this setup, the still left show is permanently attached to the desktop by way of DisplayPort, and the two on the appropriate are able to swap concerning the desktop and notebook many thanks to the constructed-in KVM within the U2722DE and daisy chaining the screens by means of DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport (MST).

Theoretically there is a GPU and/or DisplayPort 1.2 MST limitation on the variety of pixels that can be pushed via MST, but with a 2560×1440 resolution on the U2722DE and 1920×1200 on a U2415 there have been no problems, but chaining a third keep track of can press the requirements. In my circumstance, the Nvidia 1060 in the Linux desktop had no challenge with 3 shows chained up, but the 8th generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon running Windows could not cope with the laptop computer display as nicely as a few chained screens, and constantly preferred a single of the external monitors disabled.

Wherever the uncluttering actually comes into engage in is the KVM change in the check. Applying two different equipment during the working day no longer calls for me to depart my seat as the watch lets me to adjust the enter concerning the desktop DisplayPort and notebook USB-C link. That signifies the redundant desk and setup could head in other places, if I can find a area for them other than the bin.

One aspect that Dell touts about the U2722DE is the potential to have a photo-in-picture wherever one machine’s output will overlay the next. Possessing applied it, there are a number of causes why I stay with switching inputs amongst the various equipment fairly than applying picture-in-image. For one, it disables DisplayPort daisy chaining, which not only sends the exhibit configuration haywire if the machine expects the full enhance of screens but also tends to make the notebook complain endlessly that it has a misbehaving USB link right until the USB-C cable is taken off and put back again in.

Otherwise, the see is a scaled down edition of what would be shown on the display, so it is difficult to read textual content, and most of the choices require an overlay, which indicates you are sacrificing viewability on the U2722DE as very well. There is an selection for a break up down the middle but the 27-inch U2722DE just isn’t pretty massive ample to make this function nicely, but it’s one thing that can be used in a pinch.

The killer blow though is the only way to swap which machine will get USB connectivity is interacting with the back again of the display wherever the knob to run the monitor’s menu lives. So switching inputs is somewhat clunky at very best.

Given these tradeoffs and the process to switch between USB and keep an eye on input is basically the very same, I locate it is less difficult to just swap the input of the U2722DE holus-bolus and have it, as very well as the daisy chained display, switch between machines.

As a keep track of evaluate, at some point the precise panel employed in this observe must be talked over. It is a 27-inch IPS Quad Hd panel, and as component of the UltraSharp series, it does not refresh with the type of higher hertz that gamers may want, but for everybody else it is a very good panel normal of the U-sequence.

As you may have guessed from the type of screens around it, I am very partial to the U-sequence and like the additional accurate colors in contrast to the prior Dell S-collection keep track of I used that desired a much more washed out appear.

One space the place I feel Dell has headed backwards is in ditching the conventional buttons and replacing them with an oversized power button and a joystick management on the back of the watch. This means each individual time you want to change among devices, or accessibility a menu, you need to guess at in which the joystick is. The guesses get greater, but they are continue to guesses. By distinction, the S-collection had buttons on the underside of the bezel, which was a much much better solution.

If you just want this panel devoid of the comprehensive hub and KVM goodness, the Dell U2722D exists, and expenses a little bit around AU$100 a lot less at the time of crafting at AU$700.

Having said that, if you are going to shell out that volume for a monitor, the complete AU$820 value tag of the U2722DE is not substantially a lot more, specially when USB hubs by themselves can price several hundreds of pounds on their individual. In my thoughts at minimum, it is really aided offset the substantial selling price by getting rid of a USB hub from my life.

The major purpose you may not obtain this observe although is that it really is terribly tricky to locate. Quite a few areas have both demonstrated it as out of stock or taken a guess at when it could possibly be restocked, with individuals estimates getting numerous months in the foreseeable future.

If you make your mind up you want this check and you see 1 offered, leap on it while you can as stock does seem to be definitely minimal.

Supply issues apart, this check is a satisfying revelation that has authorized me to simplify my setup — by earning it extra elaborate with a KVM in the middle — with the good quality of the panel getting a attractive reward.

Up-to-date at 11:37am AEDT, 29 January 2022: Removed wired keyboard and mouse requirements.

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