The US government has a secret weapon against Russia: VPN

The war in Ukraine just acquired a new frontier, the VPN industry.

According to , the US governing administration is pouring dollars into 3 different VPN builders: nthLink, Psiphon, and Lantern.

The information will come as VPNs have grow to be a lifeline for citizens in Russia and Ukraine wanting to steer clear of federal government censorship on March 14, VPN installs in Russia achieved an all-time high, surging by 11,253 for each cent past their ordinary level.

Exactly where is the money coming from?

The cash is reportedly coming from a federal company that controls US governing administration backed broadcasters, the US Agency for World Media (USAGM).

The 3 VPN firms gained $4.8 million in funding amongst 2015 and 2021, but this full funding has now risen by just about half.

These VPNs are in common use according to Laura Cunningham, president of the Open up Technological innovation Fund,

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