What Is Google Dorking and How Hackers Use It to Hack Websites

Google is the encyclopedia of the world wide web that carries the respond to to all your queries and curiosity. Just after all, it is just a net index to locate photos, posts, and video clips, appropriate?

Very well, if you consider so, you are turning a blind eye to the untapped possible of the behemoth search engine’s crawling abilities. This side of Google is lesser-known to the ordinary person but propelled correctly by negative actors to hijack sites and steal delicate details from organizations.


Below, we’ll deal with how security pros and hackers use Google as an effective reconnaissance software to access sensitive information, hijack sites, and additional.

What Is Google Dorking?

Google dorking or Google hacking is the system of feeding highly developed research queries into the Google research motor to hunt for sensitive data these types of as username, password, log information,

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