MeetDot: Videoconferencing with Live Translation Captions

The recent pandemic created videoconferencing an indispensable element of our doing work lives.

In buy to assist individuals, who talk various languages, successfully connect, a the latest paper on proposes a videoconferencing alternative with dwell translation captions.

Picture credit rating: Mbrickn through Wikimedia (CC BY four.)

There, members can see an overlaid translation of other participants’ speech in their most popular language. The incoming speech signal is processed in a streaming mode, transcribed in the speaker’s language, and made use of as enter to a machine translation program. The researchers use many functions to empower a better person working experience as easy pixel-intelligent scrolling of the captions or fading text that is probable to adjust.

A extensive analysis suite is implemented to correctly compute metrics like latency, caption flicker, and accuracy and encourage quickly development according to these metrics.

We present MeetDot, a videoconferencing program with dwell translation

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